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Check Out the Masks in Our Health Category to Get Protection from Covid-19

The covid-19 has made people get into the habit of wearing face masks for protection. We offer various kinds of face masks at our store at unbelievably low prices. Check out the masks available at our store.

Disposable Face Mask: The disposable face mask at our store is offered in a box of 50. Each box contains two bags of 25 masks each. The BFE of the masks is 95%. The 3-ply disposable face mask has a shelf life of two years. You can wear it and throw it away every day without the hassle of washing and disinfecting it. We make sure that the ear loop is comfortable for our customers to wear.

Washable Cotton Mask: Both men and women can use the washable cotton mask available at our store. It is made from high-quality cotton. The breathable fabric makes them suitable for being used during running, cycling, camping, and other purposes.

The washable cotton face mask can offer protection from dust, fog, and vehicle exhaust. Since they are washable, the masks can be reused. Moreover, the chances of odor developing in the masks are quite low. The best part is that the cotton mask comes in a set of 10 pieces.

Reusable Cotton Mask: The masks are made from premium quality cotton, which makes them comfortable for your face. Since it offers effortless breathing, you won’t feel discomfort. The reusable cotton mask can be worn even when you are running, climbing, or cycling without feeling suffocated.

The mask offers protection from small particles in the air, pollen grain, and even vehicle dust. The reusable cotton mask is available in white color and can be adjusted easily.

Disposable Shoe Covers: You can also buy disposable shoe covers from our store. They are available in bundles of ten and sold in pairs. The disposable shoe cover fits almost all shoe sizes, even below 12.

Both men and women can use these shoe covers made with anti-slip technology. But the shoe covers might not work well with boots. The material from which the use and throw shoe covers are made is SMS polypropylene.

You can trust Apadana Supply to provide you with masks and other protection kits for Covid-19. We have aimed to price our products at affordable and reasonable rates and also offer interesting combos for customers.