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Check Out the Different Varieties of Light at Our Store

Do you need unique lights such as a toffer panel or an architectural flat center? We are here to offer you troffer panel lighting and architectural flat center of the best possible quality. By scrolling down, you can check out the features of the lights we offer.

Features Of the Architectural Flat Center

  • Efficiency: The architectural flat center is available in a set of four pieces. It is perfect for commercial spaces like schools and hospitals. The average life hour of this light is around 50,000 hours. The white and translucent polycarbonate lens evenly distributes the light.

  • Dimmable: The light can be dimmed fully with the help of a 0-10V dimmer. The dimmer is certified by DLC-UL. The continuous dimmer driver ensures that the light does not heat up too much. It also offers convenience to customers to reduce the brightness of the lights when they are bothered by them.

Features Of Troffer Panel Lighting

  • High Productivity: The troffer panel lighting has high productivity and operates at 27 watts. It can function for 50,000 hours on average. The polycarbonate lens can help the light reach different corners of the room. A 4000K white halogen light is present. It can offer a high lumen of more than 80 CRI.

  • Energy Efficient: The light can reduce your energy consumption to a huge extent. It has the capability to operate by using only 30-50 Watts for every fixture. Other troffer lights consume more than 160 W for every fixture. Therefore, using the troffer lights can reduce your electricity expenses up to 80%.

  • Dimmability: The LED troffers offer dimmability features. The troffer light can easily adapt to the needs of different rooms or people. But the overall functionality of the light won’t be compromised due to the dimmer driver. The light has the capability to brighten up spaces to a huge extent.

If you are worried about the prices, we should tell you that we offer the best deal possible. Besides, the incredible qualities make the price of the light’s worth it and investment worth. Contact Us Today! +1 (612) 462 8720